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BPC Canada markets and supports a range of software that can assist you to improve the governance of your organisation...
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Surveys & Analysis
BPC Canada (often in conjunction with major Universities) will regularly review the opinions of our clients and others on topical issues in the world of governance.

The results of the BPC sponsored Director's Personal Liability Survey performed by Simon Fraser University is now available. Click here to view the results.

What is risk management?

"When packing your backpack in the hot sunshine always include gear for the storm"

Sir Ranulph Fiennes (Explorer)

BishopPhillips Consulting BishopPhillips Consulting

BPC Director's Personal Liability Review Process

Governance Process

Management Survey

  • Nominated management will complete the review on-line
  • Management supplies responses to questions generated by the database.
  • Answers can be supplied in a wide variety of formats (eg Pick from a drop down list (1), free text (2), Tick boxes etc)
  • Subsequent questions can be triggered by specific responses
  • Management is supplied with background and explanatory notes (3)

Management Survey

Director’s Survey

  • Directors will complete the review on-line
  • Where management has supplied a response the database automatically populates the Director’s question (1)
  • Directors are asked their comfort level with management’s responses (2)
  • Directors are asked their own specific questions (3)
  • Directors are supplied with background and explanatory notes (4)

Director’s Survey


  • Report style is flexible. It will generally contain:
    • Analysis, Statistics and graphs;
    • Summary of comments supplied by participants; and Executive summary comments & recommendations by BPC consultants.

To find out more about BPC Canada’s Director’s Personal Liability Review you can contact the following:

Keith Old
Cell: +1 778 386 0756


Paul Reynolds
Cell: +1 604 671 6884

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BishopPhillips Consulting BishopPhillips Consulting